English Speakers

Content within this website covers SQA Physics levels from National 5 Physics to Advanced Higher Physics, as well as content within the BGE Science curriculum, NPA in Beekeeping and tutor group activities. As it is the author's primary language, all pages by default are in English.

If you require these resources in a language other than English, please follow the steps in the guide below.

Note - The guide below shows the steps required for AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION through Google Translate, PhysicsScotland.co.uk cannot be held responsibility for any errors or mistranslations. This guide is to be used to support learners in the short term until a more permanent solution can be found by your establishment. If you have any questions regarding this, or any other aspect of this website, please contact - contact@PhysicsScotland.co.uk.

Translation of these instructions in the four most common non-English languages spoken in Scotland (+ Ukrainian) can be found at the following links :

Polish speakers - Polscy Mówcy

Mandarin speakers - 講普通話的人

Urdu speakers - اردو بولنے والا

Punjabi speakers - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਬੋਲਣਾ

Ukrainian speakers - українською мовою

How to covert any website to another language using Google Chrome

As this website was created in Google Sites, unsurprisingly Google Chrome is the preferred browser for viewing this website. However, Google Chrome offers additional features beyond this, specifically the integration of Google Translate to all webpages.

The following guide will show step by step how to convert this website into Ukrainian, but the method will work for all websites and languages supported by Google Translate.

Step 1 : Open the website in Google Chrome

Step 2 : Right click on blank space on page to bring up menu, then click "Translate to English". Note - English is set as default, we will change the language in the next step.

Step 3 : In pop-up menu, click the "three dots" then select "Choose another Language".

Step 4 : Still in pop-up menu, select the required language from the list, then click "Translate".

Step 5 : The Webpage will now be displayed in your chosen language.

Step 6 : If you navigate to a new page, websites will default to their native language, however Google Chrome will remember the new settings, so to translate the new page, simply right click and select "Translate to _______" to return to the new language.