Lab Safety

Lab Safety

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The Cartoon above shows ( at least! ) 12 Safety Hazards in a Science Lab, can you spot them all ?

Dressed for Safety

The first place that safety should be seen in a Science lab is in how you arrive. How you are dressed has a big effect on your safety.

Kevin below shows good practice for working in a Science lab:-

Eye Safety

When performing experiments it is vital that eye protection is worn. For most experiments this eye protection is goggles, but in some experiments you might need to wear a full face shield.

The video below shows the difference in eye protection between regular glasses and safety glasses:-

Safety Symbols

In the Science classroom, you will be working with lots of different pieces of equipment and chemicals, all of which must be handled safely.

In order to keep you safe, chemicals that can cause harm are labelled with hazard symbols. These same symbols are used all over the Earth, so it doesn't matter if you speak the local language, you can always be safe!

Below is some examples of the common symbols found within the Science Lab. Your teacher will always explain any others you might use, before you use them, if in doubt, ASK!