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This website has been developed by Mr Steven Wilkinson, a Physics teacher in Scotland. The aim of this website is to give pupils studying Physics across Scotland access to all course resources in school and at home.

Content within this website covers SQA Physics levels from National 5 Physics to Advanced Higher Physics, as well as content within the BGE Science curriculum, NPA in Beekeeping and tutor group activities

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I would like to personally thank the users of http://sptr.net/ and https://scotland.guzled.com/ for their massive support of the Physics Teaching Community in Scotland. Without their help, the information contained within this website would not be possible.

A special thank you must be given to M McShane and the Physics department of Kinross High School as without their training and continuous assistance with Google products, this website would not have been possible.

A special thank you must also be given to Nick Forwood for support and feedback on the National 5 Course.

In addition, a special thank you must be given to Ian Mackley of the Aberdeen & District Beekeepers Association for his support and feedback on the NPA Beekeeping course. I also would like to thank the members of the N5 Beekeeping and Scottish Beekeepers Facebook Groups, their assistance was invaluable!

Also, thank you to Mrs Physics for access to all Past Papers, without this, these papers would not have been available.

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Finally, all images have been found widely available on-line and great care has been taken to use only Royalty-Free or Creative Commons licensed images, therefore any copyright infringement is accidental. If this has occurred, however, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address above.

Sources of Information


Boroughmuir High School

    • Higher Summary Notes

F Kastelein - George Watson's College

    • P&W Notes Parts 1&2

C Noble

    • P&W Booklet

Gairloch High School

    • N5 Waves Summary Notes

Education Scotland

    • H Uncertainties

Belmont House School

    • H Past Paper Qs by Topic

Advanced Higher

Boroughmuir High School

    • Adv Higher Summary Notes

Heriot-Watt University

    • Scholar Advanced Higher books Unit 1,2 & 3

Kinross High School


    • Physics Study Guides


    • Physics Revision Notes

XKCD Web Comic

Education Scotland

    • AH Uncertainties

    • Quantum Theory

Eduardo José Stefanelli

  • Vernier Scale

  • Vernier Calipers

  • Micrometer

NPA Beekeeping

Arizona State University

  • Honey Bee Anatomy

  • Honey Bee communication

Museum of the Earth

  • Honey Bee Anatomy

Beekeeping like a Girl

  • Testing for Queenlessness

Haynes Bee Manual

  • Honey Bee Diseases

  • Basic Hive Inspection

  • Swarm Control & Prevention

Golden Bee Apiaries

  • Splitting a colony

Stirling & Dunblane Beekeepers Association

  • Honey Bee Diseases

  • Apiary Locations

  • Varroa Management

  • Bee Foraging Plants

  • Honey Bee Pheromones

  • Swarm Control & Prevention

  • Moving a Hive

Scottish Beekeepers Association

  • Varroa Management

  • Bee Foraging Plants

Caddon Hives

  • Frame Construction

  • Hive Construction

The Spruce

  • Basic Hive Inspection

Friends of the Earth

  • Bee Foraging Plants

Scottish Bee Company

  • Honey Production

Hummingbird Wholesale

  • Honey Tasting

Natural History Museum

  • Schmidt Pain Scale

Bridgend Beekeepers

  • Food Hygiene

Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association

  • Moving a Hive

Northumbrian Bees

  • Worker Bee sampling

Grossman Bees

  • Smith Hive