Literacy Skills

Literacy across the Curriculum

At first glance, it might seem unusual to talk about Literacy as part of the Science curriculum, but if you think about it, without scientific literacy skills, it would be impossible to perform even the most basic theoretical or practical work! Literacy is a huge part of life and is important in every school subject including Science...

Literacy in Wallace High School

All subjects within Wallace High School follow the Wallace High School Literacy Code. This code system allows your teacher to quickly show you where a piece of writing could be improved. The poster below can be found in every classroom and can be used to help you when completing any extended writing:-

Literacy Code Section

SP (Spelling)


There is a spelling mistake in the identified section. Your teacher might provide the correct spelling or you may have to look it up yourself.

CL (Capital Letter)

There is a capital letter missing in the identified section. Each sentence should start with a capital letter, as well as any proper nouns (names, countries, towns etc.)

FS (Full Stop)

There is a full stop missing in the identified section. Each sentence should end with a full stop, unless it is a question or an exclamation.

P (Punctuation)

There is a punctuation mistake in the identified section. Examples could include : a missing apostrophe or a misused apostrophe, comma, colon or semicolon.

SS (Sentence Structure)

There is a mistake in the sentence structure in the identified section. This could mean that a new sentence is required or a full sentence has not be given.

WC (Word Choice)

There may a more appropriate word that could be used in the identified section.

EXP (Expression)

The identified section is unclear or difficult to understand.

^ (Missing Word)

There is a word missing in the identified section.

Example 1 - A Piece of Extended Writing

Below is an example of a piece of extended writing, given first without marking code comments then with comments:-

Example Text :-

Text with marking code comments :-